2. Election Procedures

  • 2.1. The executive each year shall establish the dates for elections and shall make those dates known to the membership in a timely manner.
    • 2.1.1 Elections for president are held prior to the general assembly and prior to the election for the other officers in the executive.
    • 2.1.2 Election of officers to the executive and standing committees is held prior to the general assembly.
  • 2.2. The executive shall appoint a returning officer for the term July 1 to June 30.
  • 2.3. No funds of the PSTA shall be spent in support of any candidates.
  • 2.4. Nominations for office signed by two members of the local are submitted to the returning officer before the vote is held. Nominations are also invited from the floor at a representative assembly held just prior to the executive and standing committee elections.
  • 2.5. Nominees shall have the opportunity to submit a word statement to be published by the PSTA. These statements may include a maximum word limit to be determined by the returning officer.
  • 2.6. Elections will take place in the following order: president, vice president, STF councillors, local implementation and negotiation committee (LINC), professional development committee, and communications committee.
    • 2.6.1 Unsuccessful candidates have the opportunity to continue to be nominated down the ballot during the election process.
  • 2.7. The President is responsible for notifying the membership, and media of the election results on behalf of the returning officer.
  • 2.8. Returning Officer
    • 2.8.1 The duties of the PSTA Returning Officer include:
      • 1. Organizing school-based votes by the membership to elect the president
      • 2. Organizing elections to the local executive at representative assemblies.
      • 3. Providing members and school staff liaisons with information about election
        policies and procedures
      • 4. Ensuring that for the presidential election instructions are prepared for each
        school staff liaison. The information shall contain the voting procedures, the
        ballots, and the process for turning in ballots.
    • 2.8.2 The president may assist the returning officer in carrying out the duties of voting
      and elections.
  • 2.9. Election of President
    • 2.9.1 If the margin of victory is less than 25 votes, a recount shall be performed.
    • 2.9.2 In the event of a tied vote, a revote shall occur for the tied candidates.
    • 2.9.3 The candidate receiving the most votes shall be declared elected.
    • 2.9.4 All voting shall be conducted in accordance with the following rules:
      • 1. Voting in each school staff is to be conducted under the supervision of the
        school staff liaison.
      • 2. Voting is to take place on the day(s) appointed and between the hours of
        8:00 am and 4:00 pm.
      • 3. The school staff liaison is authorized to conduct an advanced poll to ensure
        that all eligible voters have the opportunity to vote.
      • 4. At 4:00 pm (or before if all eligible voters have voted) the school staff liaison
        shall count the ballots for their school staff. The results shall be sent to the
        regional STF Councillor.
      • 5. All ballots shall be sealed in the envelope and returned to the PSTA office.
      • 6. Each STF Councillor shall forward the results to the returning officer by 5:00
        pm on the date appointed for voting.
      • 7. The returning officer shall contact the President with the results.
      • 8. The President shall announce the results of the vote.
      • 9. Ballots shall be kept for one year. The ballots shall be destroyed by order of
        a motion from the Executive.
  • 2.10. Election of Executive Officers and Standing Committee Members
    • 2.10.1 Nominated members do not have the opportunity to address the representative assembly unless all nominated individuals have the opportunity to do so. The prepared statement provided by the nominated individual will be available for school staff liaisons.
    • 2.10.2 A motion made from the representative assembly is required to close
      nominations. The motion is not voted on.
    • 2.10.3 Only members of the representative assembly are eligible to vote.
    • 2.10.4 For executive offices or standing committees that consist of more than one position, members shall cast one vote for each position open. Ballots with votes less than the full number of open positions shall be declared invalid.
    • 2.10.5 In the event of a tied vote, a revote shall occur for the tied candidates.
    • 2.10.6 The candidate(s) receiving the most votes shall be declared elected.
    • 2.10.7 The executive shall invite individuals who are not members of the association to assist in the election process. These individuals will:
      • 1. Count ballots using the counting sheet under the supervision of the returning
      • 2. The returning officer calls out each ballot name, counters mark their sheet
      • 3. Once ballots are counted, counting sheet numbers are compared for
      • 4. The returning officer declares a winner and informs the President of the
    • 2.10.8 The President shall announce the results of the vote.
    • 2.10.9 Ballots shall be kept for one year. The ballots shall be destroyed by order of a
      motion from the Executive.
  • 2.11. The following schools/groups of members shall elect a school staff liaison by Constitution formula:
    • Aberdeen School & Riverview Colony School
    • Allan School
    • Blaine Lake School & Green Leaf Colony School
    • Borden School
    • Clavet School
    • Colonsay School
    • Dalmeny High School
    • Delisle Composite School & Willow Park Colony School
    • Delisle Elementary School
    • Division Office
    • Dundurn School & Hillcrest Colony School & Lost River Colony School
    • Hague Elementary School
    • Hague High School
    • Hanley School
    • Hepburn School
    • Laird School
    • Lake Vista Public School
    • Langham Elementary School
    • Leask Community School & Leask Colony School
    • Lord Asquith School, Eagle Creek Colony School & Sunnydale Colony School
    • Martensville High School
    • Osler School
    • Perdue School
    • Pike Lake School
    • Prairie View School
    • Rosthern Elementary School
    • Rosthern High School
    • South Corman Park School
    • Stobart Community School
    • Traditions Elementary School
    • Valley Christian Academy
    • Valley Manor School
    • Vanscoy School
    • Venture Heights School
    • Waldheim School & Riverbend Colony
    • Walter W. Brown School
    • Warman Community Middle School
    • Warman Elementary School
    • Warman High School
    • Warman Community Middle School