2023-2024 PSTA Executive & Committees

President – Scott Woods-Fehr
Vice President – Heather Wolfe
Treasurer – Michelle Fong
Secretary – Janet Grant

STF Councillors:

  1. Brett Berry (Hague High School)
  2. Jason Brose (Lost River Colony School)
  3. Dustin Chahley (Dalmeny High School)
  4. Diana Jemieff Hayes (Waldheim School)
  5. Amy Korver (Delisle Elementary School)
  6. Amanda Nelson (Blaine Lake Composite School)
  7. Amy Orth (Aberdeen Composite School)
  8. Mark Perry (Warman High School)
  9. Marcy Racicot (Valley Manor Elementary School)
  10. Justin Sauer (Delisle Elementary School)
  11. Heather Wolfe (Traditions Elementary School)
  12. Scott Woods-Fehr (PSTA President)

You can view your school’s SSL and STF Councillor on the PSTA School Staff Liaison page.

Committee Chairs

  • Councillor Chair – Brett Berry
  • PD Chair – Lisa Kuchler
  • LINC Chair – Heather Wolfe and Amy Orth
  • Communications Chair – Chad Williams

Standing Committees

Local Implementation and Negotiation Committee (LINC)

  1. Jason Brose (Lost River Colony School)
  2. Carmen Kingsbury(Valley Manor Elementary School)
  3. Amanda Nelson (Delisle Elementary School)
  4. Amy Orth (Aberdeen Composite School)
  5. Cary Pepper-Martens (Dalmeny High School)
  6. Heather Wolfe (Traditions Elementary School)

Professional Development (PD) Committee

  1. Lisa Kuchler (Stobart Community School)
  2. Mitch Larson (Stobart Community School)
  3. Amanda Nelson (Division Office)
  4. Amy Korver (Delisle Elementary School)
  5. Melissa Murray (Leask Community School)

Communications  Committee

  1. Chad Williams (Venture Heights School)
  2. Scott Woods-Fehr (PSTA President)
  3. Vacant

Social Committee  

  • Vacant

PSSD/PSTA Teacher Wellness Committee

  • Diana Jemieff Hayes (Waldheim School)
  • Cary Pepper-Martens (Dalmeny High)
  • Scott Woods-Fehr (PSTA President)

Partnership Advisory Committee

  • President – Scott Woods-Fehr
  • Vice President – Heather Wolfe
  • LINC Chair – Heather Wolfe and Amy Orth
  • Councillor Chair – Brett Berry
  • PD Chair – Lisa Kuchler
  • Communications Chair – Chad Williams

Superannuation and Recognition Committee

  • Scott Woods-Fehr

Nominations/Electoral Committee

  • Chief Returning Officer – Jason Brose

PSTA Student Scholarship Committee

  • Katherine Blake
  • Jason Brose
  • Heather Wolfe
  • Scott Woods-Fehr