3. Office and Duties

  • 3.1 All PSTA members, committees, and officers shall work to promote and uphold STF Bylaws and Policy.
  • 3.2. Committee Chairs
    • 3.2.1 All committees of the association shall have a chair.
    • 3.2.2 Duties
      • 1. Contribute to the establishment and maintenance of the committee
      • 2. Organize and preside over committee meetings
      • 3. Recruit, mentor and support committee members
      • 4. Facilitate the review of committee plans, programs and goals
      • 5. Liaise between the committee and the local, the school division and the
        provincial organization
      • 6. Maintain communication with the President on the status of the committee
      • 7. Prepare required reports or documents on behalf of the committee
      • 8. Act as a means of communication for the committee with respect to findings,
        policy implications and recommendations.
  • 3.3. Communications Committee
    • 3.3.1 Ensures that the association retains the domain rights for the website.
    • 3.3.2 Responsible for any association merchandise
    • 3.3.3 Enhance the profile of the local association.
      • 1. Develops a strategic plan to enhance communication internally and
        externally with the local association and surrounding communities with input
        from the executive, representative assembly and membership.
      • 2. Promotes the local association and enhances the image of the teaching profession.
  • 3.4. Local Implementation and Negotiation Committee (LINC)
    • 3.4.1 Liaises with the Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation and other LINCs on matters related to bargaining.
    • 3.4.2 Constitutes the grievance committee/board of review with matters arising out of the local agreement.
    • 3.4.3 Designates two members to join the President on committees related to the provincial collective agreement.
    • 3.4.4 Works with the President in administering the local collective agreement.
    • 3.4.5 Nominates a chairperson. The LINC Chair:
      • 1. Has the same role and responsibilities as other committee chairs.
      • 2. Maintains regular contact with the local association executive and the
        provincial organization during negotiations.
      • 3. Speaks on behalf of the committee to members and school division officials.
      • 4. Maintains relationships with school division officials involved in collective
      • 5. Assists members in dealing with grievances related to the local collective
      • 6. Works with the president in administration of the local collective agreement.
      • 7. Must send a letter to the Educational Relations Board registering the
        bargaining route selected by the association.
      • 8. Must send a letter to the Board Chairman at least 100 days prior to the
        expiration of the current agreement requesting that negotiations commence.
  • 3.5. Past President
    • 3.5.1 Will be the member who last held the position of president.
    • 3.5.2 Will only be a member of the executive for the first year of a president’s term.
    • 3.5.3 May assist the president in facilitating the development and implementation of
      local policies.
    • 3.5.4 May assist the president in facilitating the development and maintenance of
      local services to members.
    • 3.5.5 May assist the president in a mutually agreed upon role or responsibility.
  • 3.6. President
    • 3.6.1 One president shall be elected by the membership.
    • 3.6.2 Represents the local and speaks on behalf of its members within the STF and the area served by the local.
    • 3.6.3 Monitors, communicates to members, and works to further the goals and activities established at the provincial level of the STF.
    • 3.6.4 Works to resolve conflict and solve problems with the local.
    • 3.6.5 Refers schools and members in need of advice and assistance from STF Senior Administrative Staff.
    • 3.6.6 Attends all Local Implementation and Negotiation Committee meetings with the school division.
    • 3.6.7 Meets regularly with the Director of Education or designate and other school division staff.
    • 3.6.8 When possible, attends division meetings of the in-school administrators.
    • 3.6.9 Attends meetings of the school division to represent the association.
    • 3.6.10 Has initial approval of all minutes of the Representative Assembly and executive meetings. Minutes are sent out to respective members as part of the next meeting package. Amendments are asked for at the next regularly scheduled meeting and are formally approved.
    • 3.6.11 Acts as the agent of the local in managing its affairs:
      • 1. Organizing and presiding over executive meetings
      • 2. Facilitating leadership development within the local
      • 3. Ensuring the effectiveness of local association committees by having the right
        to call meetings of chairpersons and committees for the purpose of liaison
        and planning, and shall be ex officio, a member of all committees.
      • 4. Establishing and maintaining effective, two-way communication with
      • 5. Facilitating the development and implementation of local policies
      • 6. Facilitating the development and maintenance of local services to members
      • 7. Develop and create resources for the representative assembly and executive.
      • 8. Ensures that the website and portals are maintained.
      • 9. Assists in the maintenance of social media accounts.
  • 3.7. Professional Development Committee
    • 3.7.1 Organizes and plans general assemblies.
    • 3.7.2 The chair, two committee members and the President will join the Prairie Spirit School Division committee(s) for consultation and collaboration related to professional development/adult learning in the division.
    • 3.7.3 Ensures all provisions related to professional development/adult learning that are contained within the local collective bargaining agreement are implemented.
  • 3.8. School Staff Liaison
    • 3.8.1 Attends and contributes to the Representative Assembly, providing the perspective of the school while acting on behalf of all members of the local by:
      • 1. Acquiring information about issues facing the local, sharing it with those in
        their schools or electorate and seeking feedback from them.
      • 2. Reporting on assembly decisions and the reasons for them.
      • 3. Arranging for a substitute to attend Representative Assembly meetings from
        the member’s school/group if unable to attend.
    • 3.8.2 Liaises between the school and the local association executive or provincial
    • 3.8.3 Reports to the school staff on STF meetings, PSTA meetings and local and provincial issues, ensuring that their implications are understood and discussed
    • 3.8.4 Gathers and distributes information as requested
    • 3.8.5 Links members to supports and services within the STF (e.g., counselling, mediation, professional development, legal advice, benefits information)
    • 3.8.6 Conveys information on teacher concerns to the local association and/or the provincial organization.
  • 3.9. Secretary
    • 3.9.1 Maintains and distributes all records of all general meetings and meetings of the representative assembly and the local association executive.
    • 3.9.2 Ensures the members of the executive and representative assembly are informed about the business of the local association.
    • 3.9.3 Assists the treasurer.
    • 3.9.4 Assists the president by carrying out responsibilities designated as by the president and/or executive.
  • 3.10. STF Councillor
    • 3.10.1 Attends STF Council meetings and contributes to the work of the STF Council, providing the perspective of the local while acting on behalf of all STF members.
      • 1. Informs the Councillor Chair of the need for a substitute at Council meetings
        if unable to attend.
    • 3.10.2 Acts as an agent of the STF within the local:
      • 1. Connects members to the STF in matters related to contracts of
        employment, benefits, accreditation, STF policies, STF plans and activities,
        and STF services. Shares information with members regarding educational
        issues and trends affecting teachers.
      • 2. Support the development and implementation of STF plans and policies at
        the provincial level.
      • 3. Informs the STF Executive and Administrative Staff about the needs of local
        members and developments or issues within the local
      • 4. Maintains local relationships, both internal and external, that facilitate
        influencing and information-gathering on behalf of the STF
      • 5. Offers advice and guidance consistent with STF policies, bylaws, and codes to
        local members who need assistance in their professional duties or
  • 3.11. Treasurer
    • 3.11.1 Maintains accurate financial records of all monies received and disbursed by the
      local association.
    • 3.11.2 Prepares an annual financial report for consideration at the annual general
    • 3.11.3 Arranges for the financial records to be reviewed or audited as stipulated in the
    • 3.11.4 Fulfills requirements in the constitution and in policy.
    • 3.11.5 Provides a monthly statement to the executive.
  • 3.12. Vice President
    • 3.12.1 One vice-president shall be elected by the representative assembly.
    • 3.12.2 Presides over general meetings of the membership.
    • 3.12.3 Assumes the role of president in the event that the president is unable to carry out the responsibilities assigned by:
      • 1. Representing the president at meetings.
      • 2. Chairing meetings in the president’s absence.
    • 3.12.4 Assists the president by carrying out responsibilities designated to the office by the president and/or executive.
      3.12.5 Collaborates with the professional development committee to organize general assemblies.
  • 3.13.1 An executive or standing committee member wishing to remain in office while on
    extended leave shall, at their earliest convenience, inform the executive and continue to
    fulfill the duties of their office, as outlined in PSTA Policies and guidelines
  • 3.13.2 The Executive shall refer to Section 3: Duties of Office outlined in PSTA Policies and
    Guidelines when determining the extent to which an executive or standing committee
    member on extended leave of absence has fulfilled their duties.
  • 3.13.3 If concerns arise over the ability of a member on extended leave to fulfil the duties of their office, those concerns will be shared in accordance to the STF Code of Ethics.