Section 1: Agreement (Term)

  • 1.1 This agreement shall have effect from September 1, 2020, to August 31, 2023 or until revised in accordance with The Education Act, 1995.
    • 1.1.1 Either the PSTA President or the HR Superintendent may pursue a mutual consent opportunity to extend the terms and conditions of the Agreement for a year at a time for the periods September 1, 2023 to August 31, 2024, and September 1, 2024 to August 31, 2025, upon agreement of the PSSD-PSTA Local Negotiations Team.
  • 1.2 The parties to this Agreement may, by written mutual consent, revise any provision of the Agreement during the term of the Agreement.
  • 1.3 In the event that any provisions of this agreement shall be determined to be invalid in law, those provisions shall be subject to such amendment as may be necessary to bring them into conformity with the law.
  • 1.4 PSSD and the PSTA are committed to begin negotiations prior to the expiration of the Agreement.