Nominees for PSTA President:

Nominations for PSTA President close on Thursday February 8, 2018.

Brian Knowles

I have served as PSTA President since April 2017, and look forward to the opportunity to continue in this role for the 2018-2020 term. As President, I have worked to create and promote opportunities for teachers to engage in the work of our local, and pursue our collective interests. Central to these interests is our professional responsibility to support learning, as an association, we do this through the work of our committees. Their work always leads back to supporting student learning, whether it be securing working conditions that promote teacher wellness through LINC, collaborating with PSSD to ensure professional learning opportunities meet the needs of our members, responding to issues of teacher time and workload intensification with PSSD Sr. Administration, or supporting teachers in their political engagement. Improvements to the learning conditions of students are also improvements to the working conditions of teachers.

As President, I will engage our members, PSSD, and the STF to positively affect teaching and learning conditions, so we are supported in our goal of developing lifelong learners.

I hope to continue to represent our association and increase opportunities for our members to influence teaching and learning in Prairie Spirit.


Brian Knowles

Pick a Premier

Cuts to education are being felt in classrooms. We need to act so that all students can become learners for life.

“The Pick a Premier campaign is the first step in a long-term strategy to get education back on the political agenda. It is a rare opportunity to influence the leadership contests in Saskatchewan’s two main political parties, and to ensure they understand the importance of properly funding public education.  This is about the future of our students and the future of our province” (STF, 2017).

Click here for information about how you can participate in raising the status of public education on the political agenda.

Welcome Back!

The PSTA is happy to welcome our members back for another year of teaching and learning! We began the year with our Annual General Assembly on Aug 28th, where we passed our 2018-2019 Budget, as well as two notices of motion. The day also included PD breakout sessions and time for staff to meet and plan for the year ahead. Thanks to our membership and General Assembly Planning Committee for making the day a success!

The PSTA Representative Assembly will have their first meeting of the year on Tuesday Sept 12th. All School Staff Liaisons are encouraged to attend. Please check the calendar page for upcoming meetings and events.

On behalf of the PSTA Executive I wish you and your students all the best in the year ahead!