Re-Imagine Education is in full swing!

The PSTA had the opportunity to initiate a discussion about the future of education in Saskatchewan by facilitating two break out sessions encouraging participants to Re-Imagine Education.  The Growing Together Conference was held at Martensville HS on October 20th. The conference was a chance for SCCs, Parents and Schools to come together to engage in education-related discussions.

What is Re-Imagine Education?

Re-Imagine Education is a bold initiative asking us to challenge our views of what education looks like today and what it could look like in the future. This initiative will clarify the issues facing education today, imagine what the future might look like and plan how to make the vision a reality.

Education is vital to the future of our province. It affects everything and everyone. The decisions we make about education today will change the way we experience tomorrow. We want to hear from you about building classrooms that meet current and future needs.

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