PSTA Elections for 2019-2020

Nominations for next year’s PSTA Executive and standing committees are now open. These positions include:

Vice President

The PSTA Constitution and our Local Collective Agreement allow for the sharing of the 1.0 FTE president release time. The use of this option will depend on a variety of factors, including student learning, school staffing, and the best interests of the PSTA. Anyone interested in running for VP should consider the possibility of sharing release time.

STF Councillors

There are ten (10) STF Councillor positions available for 2019-2020. STF Councillors sit on the PSTA Executive, support the work of PSTA committees, and represent teachers within the STF. They also attend annual meetings of Council where they learn about educational issues in Saskatchewan, elect the STF Executive, and discuss and debate resolutions to guide the Federation.

Local Implementation and Negotiation Committee

There are six (6) LINC positions available for 2019-2020. LINC members implement, monitor, and negotiate our Local Collective Bargaining Agreement. It is likely that 2019 – 2020 will be a negotiation year. If so, it will be important for LINC to have consistency in its membership. If we are in negotiations by the end of 2019-2020 LINC members would be strongly encouraged to run for a second term.

Professional Development Committee

There are five (5) PD Committee positions available for 2019-2020. The PD committee consults and collaborates with PSSD to help meet the professional learning needs of PSTA members. They also plan the PSTA General Assembly, and work to ensure that all provisions related to professional development/adult learning contained within LINC are implemented.

Communications Committee

There are three (3) Communications Committee positions available for 2019-2020. The Communications Committee works to enhance communication within the PSTA, and with our education partners and communities. They also work to promote the PSTA and enhance the image of the teaching profession.

Nominations will close from the floor of the representative assembly on May 14th, 2019. SSLs will vote to elect members to these offices.

Please completed the nomination form and send to Returning Officer, Mark Perry (mark.perry@spiritsd.ca) and cc to brian.knowles@spiritsd.ca.