Notice of PSTA Presidential Election for 2024-2026

PSTA members are invited to submit nominations for the office of PSTA President for the term of July 1, 2024 to June 30, 2026.

The PSTA President’s duties are described in PSTA Policy and Guidelines Section 3.6 President. Please forward completed nomination forms to Returning Officer, Jason Brose by 4:00 pm on March 5th.

We encourage you to provide a photograph of yourself and a written statement, which will be posted on the PSTA web site leading up to the election.

Nominees will be given an opportunity to record a video response to questions provided by the Returning Officer. Questions will be made available to nominees on March 5th and posted on the PSTA website on March 12th.

The general membership elect the President through a secret ballot. All PSTA members are eligible to vote.

Voting for the PSTA President election will be facilitated by your School Staff Liaisons and occur using Election Runner on March 18th and 19th.

Please contact Jason Brose if you have any questions.

PSTA President Nomination Form

2024-2026 PSTA President Nomination Form

Provincial and Local Bargaining

Funding Model’s Impact on Negotiating Local Agreements

In 2009, the Saskatchewan Government revised the education funding model, significantly impacting the PSTA’s LINC Agreement negotiations. This new model introduced a uniform provincial tax rate for residential, commercial, and agricultural properties, replacing the previous system where each school division independently set property tax rates to meet local needs and fund budgets.
Previously, if negotiating a LINC Agreement required additional funding, a school board could raise the mill rate accordingly. Under the current model, school funding is mainly based on student enrolment, and school boards must finance any additional expenses from teacher negotiations without extra funding, while ensuring they present a balanced budget to the Ministry of Education.
For context, increasing prep time by 1% in our LINC Agreement costs the school division approximately $850,000 per year and must be funded through the current funding model. To fund this increase, the PSSD Board would need to increase class size or cut programs.

1915SSBA established. School boards have autonomy to set the mill rate to fund school budgets.
2006PSTA formed through almalgamaation of Sask Valley, Sask West and Sask East Teachers’ Associations.
20075% prep time on calendar
2009Government removes School Boards’ ability to adjust mill rate
20105% prep on calendar and 3% added to timetable
20125% prep on calendar and 5% on timetable.
20206% prep on calendar and 5% on timetable


Code of Professional Ethics

Teachers are strongly encouraged to become knowledgeable about the Federation’s codes, standards and procedures, the Regulatory Board’s standards of competence and conduct, as
well as their employers’ policies and procedures.

Teachers can’t be expected to know all of the necessary STF codes, standards and procedures, but one topic that comes up frequently and is worth highlighting is our Code of Professional Ethics (STF Bylaw 6.2) and in particular, Section 6.2.16 which states, a teacher is “To inform an associate before making valid criticism and to inform the associate of the nature of the criticism before referring the criticism to appropriate officials.“. This means you need to speak to the person you have concerns with, before you speak to your administrator, superintendent or another colleague. An exception is made for STF Senior Administrative Staff, where an STF member is not only permitted to first contact STF SAS, but encouraged to seek advice and guidance from the STF SAS before speaking to the other member as they can help clarify issues and procedures.

It is important to note that the legal duty in Saskatchewan to report criminal acts, child abuse or neglect to the proper authorities supersedes the policies established by school divisions and the professional codes or standards established for members by the Federation. If a teacher suspects that a colleague has engaged in any conduct of this nature, it is their personal duty to call the police and/or social services agencies.

Teacher Professionalism: A Public Trust

Relevant Links and Documents:

2023 PSTA General Assembly

Learning Together: Celebrating the Diversity of Prairie Spirit.

8:30-9:00 (optional) coffee, tea, snacks and smudge
9:00-9:30 Welcome

  • Introductions
  • Land Acknowledgement & Blessing
  • Drumming and Round Dance

9:30-9:40 break/organization to attend sessions
9:40-10:40- Indigenous Ways of Knowing Session
10:40-10:50 Break (beverages and snacks provided)
10:50-11:00 Greetings from our partners

  • PSSD Board Vice Chair, Kate Kading
  • PSSD Director of Education, Tracey Young
  • STF President, Samantha Becotte

11:00-12:00 PSTA Business (closed session PSTA/STF members only)

12:00-12:45 Lunch 
12:45-1:45 PD Session 1
1:45-1:55 Break (water/juice and snacks provided)
1:55-2:55 PD Session 2
3:00-3:15 Individual School Staff Meeting (Reflection & SSL selection)


2023-2024 PSTA Election Results

The PSTA election was held last night at the final Representative Assembly for the 2022-23 year.

Some years we have trouble filling the available positions, so it was great to see members engaged and interested in working on the PSTA executive and committees and there were enough nominees to warrant an election for STF Councillors and LINC. Many executive and committee members are continuing from last year, but there are a couple new people joining or returning.

We also say farewell to a Katherine Blake (STF Councillor), Kathy Spence (STF Councillor), Lindsay Jarema (LINC) and Bruce Mellesmoen (Professional Development). Thank you for your contributions.

PSTA Vice President
Heather Wolfe was acclaimed as PSTA Vice President for 2023-2024.

Eleven PSTA members were nominated for ten available STF Councillor positions.

  1. Amanda Nelson
  2. Amy Korver
  3. Amy Orth
  4. Brett Berry
  5. Diana Jemieff
  6. Dustin Chahley (new)
  7. Jason Brose
  8. Justin Sauer
  9. Marcy Raciot
  10. Mark Perry (returning)

Eight PSTA members were nominated for six available LINC positions.

  1. Amanda Nelson
  2. Amy Orth (new)
  3. Carmen Kingsbury
  4. Carry Pepper-Martens
  5. Heather Wolfe
  6. Jason Brose

Five PSTA members were nominated for five Professional Development Committee positions.

  1. Amanda Nelson
  2. Amy Korver (new)
  3. Lisa Kuchler
  4. Melissa Murray (new)
  5. Mitch Larson

All three positions on the Communications Committee are vacant, so if you are interested in working on the Communications committee send me an email.

2023-2024 PSTA Executive and Committee Election Nominees

The PSTA Executive and standing committee members work to support teachers in Prairie Spirit. Nominations may be made from the floor of the May 16th Representative Assembly.

Nominee Biographies

Open positions and nominees are as follows:
Vice President
The Representative Assembly elects one vice-president to preside over general meetings of the membership and assist the president in carrying out the responsibilities of the office and assumes the role of president in representing and chairing meetings in the event the president is unable to attend.

  1. Heather Wolfe

STF Councillors
There are ten (10) STF Councillor positions available for 2023-2024. STF Councillors sit on the PSTA Executive and represent teachers within the STF. They also attend annual meetings of Council where they learn about educational issues in Saskatchewan, elect the STF Executive, and discuss and debate resolutions to guide the Federation.

  1. Amanda Nelson
  2. Amy Korver
  3. Amy Orth
  4. Brett Berry
  5. Chad WIlliams
  6. Diana Jemieff
  7. Dustin Chahley
  8. Heather Wolfe
  9. Jason Brose
  10. Marcy Raciot
  11. Mark Perry

Local Implementation and Negotiation Committee
There are six (6) LINC positions available for 2023-2024. LINC members implement, monitor, and negotiate our Local Collective Bargaining Agreement.

  1. Amanda Nelson
  2. Amy Orth
  3. Carmen Kingsbury
  4. Cary Pepper-Martens
  5. Chad Williams
  6. Craig Reinhardt
  7. Heather Wolfe
  8. Jason Brose

Professional Development Committee
There are five (5) PD Committee positions available for 2023-2024. The PD committee consults and collaborates with PSSD to help meet the professional learning needs of PSTA members. They also plan the PSTA General Assembly, and work to ensure that all provisions related to professional development/adult learning contained within LINC are implemented.

  1. Amanda Nelson
  2. Amy Korver
  3. Lisa Kuchler

Communications Committee
There are three (3) Communications Committee positions available for 2022-2023. The Communications Committee works to enhance communication within the PSTA, and with our education partners and communities. They also work to promote the PSTA and enhance the image of the teaching profession.