Candidate for PSTA President: Meredith Rhinas

My name is Meredith Rhinas and I am currently a teacher at Warman High School. I am writing to indicate my intent to allow my name to stand as a candidate for PSTA President.

I am an excellent candidate for PSTA President because our division needs a strong and confident voice for Prairie Spirit teachers. I am an exceptional communicator with the necessary conflict resolution skills required to engage in the difficult but necessary discussions needed to move PSSD forward. I am a community-builder, encouraging others to participate, advocate, and embrace their essential roles within our school division. I am well-spoken, and able to identify and articulate the important issues for the purpose of raising awareness, inspiring change, and motivating action within Prairie Spirit.

Throughout my 15 years as an educator, I have been actively involved as a collaborative colleague, participating in many extracurricular activities, serving on committees, and in formal positions of leadership in schools both internationally and here in PSSD, all of which have helped shape my perspectives as an inclusive educator who values diversity. I also worked at the Prairie Spirit Division Office as an English as an Additional Language Facilitator, working in a capacity-building role designed to empower teachers working with EAL students. Currently, I am the Head of the English Department at Warman High School, as well as a School Staff Liaison. Additionally, recent job action has given me the opportunity to use my voice and platform to reach and connect with thousands of people around Saskatchewan in my goal to advocate for the teaching profession and to educate others on the critical issues facing teachers and students in our schools right now.

Currently, I am working on obtaining my Masters’ Degree in Educational Administration at the U of S. The opportunity to grow both personally and professionally, along with opening doors for future leadership and administrative opportunities, was a natural step in my career path. Over the past year, I have enjoyed my role as a student, engaging actively as a committed participant, with the goal of learning and further developing as an educator in a collaborative and rigorous educational setting.

I have strong administrative and organizational skills, and excellent inter-personal skills that allow me to work well as part of a team, or in a leadership position. I firmly believe that the policies and procedures we put in place now are for the benefit of PSSD teachers for years to come, and as president I would be committed to bringing forth the issues that are most pressing for my colleagues and ensuring that clear policies are in place to back our mandate as educators.

I am passionate about education and believe that teachers who are well-supported, encouraged, and given the opportunity to grow make for educators who inspire the same qualities in their students, fostering learning and achievement in environments we can all take pride in. It would be my great honour to represent the teachers of PSSD in this vital role of advocacy within our division, as PSTA President.

Video Responses from the Candidate:

  1. What do you think are some strengths of the PSTA? What do you think some areas of improvement for the PSTA are? How will you leverage strengths and plan for improvements, if you are elected president?
  2. Can you comment on a time when you led a group of colleagues to implement a change initiative?
  3. Maintaining and building trust with the board and the school division are a crucial part of the role as president, and so is advocating for Prairie Spirit teachers. How will you maintain relationships when our interests diverge?
  4. What parts of being President would you excel at and what parts might you struggle with?